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Friday, April 11, 2014

Bank Line of Credit

A bank line of credit is a flexible lending option that can bend to fit the needs of virtually any individual or business. Banks tend to specialize in extending lines of credit, however these are usually home equity lines of credit. This means in order to qualify, an applicant must have not only a home, but also sufficient equity in it to yield a balance. Subsequently, this equity is also a form of collateral, and the loan becomes secured on the home.

For the aforementioned reasons, a bank line of credit may be an option that would work well for many potential consumers, however, they are not able to qualify for one. You can get cash through bank credit by using the equity in your home to get a credit line. A line of credit can work extremely well for businesses as well. However, many businesses lease their buildings and therefore cannot provide equity to qualify for a credit line.

However, there is an alternative to the traditional options of bank lines of credit. Today, select lending companies can extend credit lines to business and individuals. Many of these companies are even available on the internet, offering fast approval times and personal consulting. This means you can enjoy the same bank credit and utilize the equity in your home to get a line of credit, but without all of the hassles and paperwork.

The benefits to lines of credit are many. Once approved, the credit line stays open and its funds available regardless of future events. If one’s credit suffers due to an unexpected situation, they may not be able to qualify for new loans but can still use their credit line. It also allows virtually instant access to cash once opened, so that it is perfect to mend emergency situations. Best of all, it allows a flexible borrowing plan so that only what is needed needs to be withdrawn…and only what is withdrawn will be charged interest! If you are interested in a line of credit, remember that a bank line of credit is not your only option today.