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Saturday, May 3, 2014

Small Business Financing

The initial stages of a business are generally the most volatile, and often predict the future success of failure of the venture. Most businesses are not even profitable for the first six months, so careful planning and stability are a must to keep the business afloat. Making a good first impression is important to generating a continuous customer base. But in order to keep a new business firmly footed in the rough waters of its initial days, small business financing is a must. If you cannot get free financing for your small business through a government program, you can still get assistance through a reliable and reputable lender.

Today is possible to get lending without collateral or any up front fees—that means initially free financing for your small business. Even with the best budgeting, costs almost always exceed what was originally mapped out. With small business financing, a new business can expand inventory, purchase or lease a new building, or use the money for marketing purposes. This can include advertising ideas such as television or radio advertising, new business cards, newspaper broadcasting, a website, or any other form of raising the profitability and exposure of the business.

Small business financing can sometimes be difficult to obtain without collateral and detailed business plans. But at America Funding, we offer a full line of unsecured business products at great rates, with fast turnaround times, and some of the most competitive rates in the market. We have eliminated both the hurdles and the hassles potential small business owners have faced by traditional lenders for decades. We make small business financing easy and efficient. So call us today!