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Thursday, October 31, 2013

Seed Capital

Unfortunately, great ideas and planning don’t always come hand in hand with great financial resources. Many brilliant entrapaneurs allow their dreams and ideas to escape them because they don’t have the financial backing to put them to work. Traditionally, this was an unfortunate scenario for potential business owners that were never able to extract their potential due to a lack of start up capital. But today, there are many options for bright business owners. The capital seed can be the catapult your business really needs to successfully charge off. The availability of seed capital has made it possible for virtually anyone to turn their superb business ideas into a reality.

Seed capital is the money used for the initial investment in a project or startup company, and can be used for a wide variety of causes, including proof-of-concept, market research, and initial product development. Seed capital can also be used to pay salaries, lease or purchase a building, order equipment, have renovations done, or even for marketing purposes including websites, business cards and other expenses.

The major obstacle many start up business owners face when seeking seed capital is that most lenders still require collateral. This is of particular difficulty to start up businesses that do not yet have commercial assets, and for good reason choose not to risk their personal assets for their business ventures. However, the creditworthy will find that today select companies do offer unsecured capital seed, and still maintain competitive rates and loan terms.